Nope. We understand the ‘skill based competition’ model is a new format for many, which makes many skeptical.

The truth is there are several companies doing the same thing with prizes ranging from houses and cars to sports equipment and holidays.

To make you feel extra confident in us we have links to the live draws on Facebook they were announced in.

We also have a Trustpilot page for reviews from anyone who wants to give a review!

We will never change the date for a draw or substitute prizes for a lower cash alternative. So first and foremost it means better odds for you if we don’t sell out! We proceed with the draw as normal and randomly select the winning numbers in the same way, leaving unsold ticket numbers blank. If the number drawn has not been sold we will keep repeating the process until a number that has been allocated to a participant is drawn.

We do all our draws live on Facebook and use Google’s Random Number generator to select the winning number. All our previous draws are available to watch on our Facebook page

The total tickets available for each competition is listed at the top of the main product description on each page.

In most cases we’re happy to do so. The total cash alternative will be the product retail price less VAT (20%).

We always call or email the winners within 24 hours after the draw to let them know the good news. If we can get confirmation of delivery details back from the winner in a reasonable time the prize typically arrives within 5-10 working days of the draw.

Still haven’t heard from us in 24hrs? Please email our winners team lead Laura at [email protected]



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