Although entering online Competitions and/or Prize Draws is not considered gambling, WinWink wants to ensure that everyone entering our competitions is doing so in a responsible manner.

You should only spend what you can afford, and please remember that our site is supposed to be a fun way to win big prizes for a small amount. You should always think carefully before entering any competition and only enter competitions that that you have a genuine desire to win the prize, not just enter every competition you see. Again, you should ensure that the ticket price is affordable for you before entering a competition.

REMEMBER – If the fun stops, STOP!

WinWink welcome you to contact us at anytime for put in the following measures to your account

– Temporary pause of your account

– Limit of how much you can spend

– Closure of your account, and blocks to stop opening of any others under your name

Thank you, take care and click below if you need to speak to someone for help.